1. A creative entity prevailing against the odds.

2. An advocate for truly sustainable design;
social, economic and environmental.

3. The alias of Melbourne designer Nick Lauria.







10 things that define who I am and what I do.

I am a designer.
I build brands, websites and campaigns. I inject your business with new ideas, design thinking and creative solutions.

I have always been a rebel.
I am not your average designer. I don't wear a turtleneck, black rimmed glasses or like Helvetica. I don't like conforming.

I work hard.
I get up early and stay up late. I like coffee. I get results.

I am addicted to learning.
I am forever improving and looking to add new skills. I do the research. I am an information junkie.

I am a bit old school.
I draw everything on paper first and start everything in black and white. I don't consider a computer a creative tool.

I find beauty in the detail.
I am obsessed with the semantics of typography and get excited about glyphs, fleurons and ligatures. It has turned me into a nerd.

I love my job.
I am passionate and wear my heart on my sleeve. I'll tell you if your ideas are no good and I hope you'll do the same.

I believe in the craft.
I love the ugliness of hand carved, grotesk wooden ampersands and I get a kick out of casting a line in hot metal.

I dive in head first.
I don't fear the future or the critics.

I fight for the little guy.
I do pro-bono work and provide services to community groups, non-profit organisations and small businesses. I back the underdog.